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Greetings, friends!  Welcome to my project spotlight page.  Here you will find links to my various business endeavors.  

I began my career in digital media 30 years ago at the advent of the internet and desktop video.  Over that time I've had the honor to produce so much content and serve so many clients, looking back now, it makes my head spin!  Ultimately, I have to I'm blessed to be able to have this career and I love shooting and producing video and audio, but I've far too many pieces to share on this simple page.

Currently I am focusing my productions on faith-centered programs and educational projects serving my community, but I still provide commercial services to select  clients so please let me know how I can help!  Feel free to visit the following projects on their respective websites to learn more about them and view more content.


Digital Media

Production Services

  • TV shows

  • Livestreaming

  • Documentary Films

  • Marketing Videos

  • TV Commercials

  • Independent News

  • Educational Programming

  • Web Design & Management

  • Graphic Design


Original Community Media Productions

  • Local community spotlights

  • Live remote podcasting

  • Student intern program

  • Serving the nonprofit community

  • Small business spotlights


Nonprofit Service & Vocational Training

  • Serving the nonprofit community

  • Project-based student learning

Workforce & Vocational Training
Career Exploration TV

I am the Director and founder of this unique project that offers young people an opportunity to learn the digital media arts while participating in creation of a career education TV show! 

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