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Fun, Engaging & Unique Career Exploration : DigitalEdgeTV

Sam Ettaro is the Executive Director of a very compelling new educational program that offers job-seekers a chance to learn the digital media arts all while conducting career research through production of an online Career Exploration TV show! If you are interested in learning more about this unique workforce development program, please visit our dedicated site at!

We are always looking to partner with successful business people to come on the show and help us develop meaningful career exploration projects for the benefit of students everywhere!

Also, if you would like to join DigitalEdgeTV as a student, please contact Ettaro at or call his Production Company that produces this project, Red Sea Media at 980-355-9996. Here is a playlist of our first few episodes. These proofs of concept were streamed LIVE directly into classrooms of our local county correctional facility. This show has the potential to change lives! Come join us and share your success story!


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