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Meet Sam Ettaro

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Welcome, Friends...

I am a digital designer, video producer, teacher, dad, husband, and faithful Christian who is passionate about all these aspects of life.  Here you will learn a little more about me and my various media-related media endeavors. 

I have been blessed to have along career in the realm of digital media.  As an award-winning digital media teacher and life-long digital entrepreneur, I've learned quite a bit about life, education, and my own faith walk.  I'm from Pennsylvania, where I taught digital media arts for 13 years (certified in Digital Technology-expired upon retirement in 2020).  Prior to becoming a teacher, I enjoyed a long career in professional multimedia production and TV.  I have produced TV shows and documentary film content which aired on PBS as well as Fox 8 and ABC23 in PA, and I have produced many corporate, educational and marketing videos, and TV commercials for a wide variety of clients.  During that time I was very involved in my community and was a vocal advocate for Career & Technical Education, making many media appearances and speaking in front of many local business and government entities.  I am also a long-time internet radio talk-show host, podcaster, webTV producer and host, and I've served in government and led civic development initiatives where I leveraged my talents and experience to promote vocational education, innovation, and entrepreneurship as well as government transparency.  To these ends, I still stay very active in my community, and have dedicated my life and career resources to educating and inspiring the youth and adult jobseekers through my various educational, commercial, and nonprofit endeavors.  Below is a list of a few of my business endeavors and service projects for your consideration.

I retired from teaching in 2020 and relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina where I live with my lovely wife and partner, Esthere.  Most of my professional efforts these days are focused on working with nonprofits and small businesses that would benefit from my unique, dynamic approach to training, education, and production.   I'm always seeking partners and clients who wish to learn and implement digital media technologies and take advantage of my unique approach to teaching and training.   I've also been blessed to be a worship leader and guitarist serving a a variety of churches throughout the Charlotte area.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Yours In Digital,

Sam Ettaro

    Nonprofit organization providing media services to nonprofits and workforce development training to digital media students


    Commercial video/audio, and web production services

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